How Does Stillhip Work? And How Much?

How Does Stillhip Work? And How Much?

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  • Post published:October 3, 2020
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If you are reading this then I want to start by thanking you for your curiosity on what this platform is all about. Stillhip is an online platform for small businesses, and artisans to showcase your products on an easy to use e-commerce platform.

When this idea came to light, it was because of the need to help local businesses succeed in this fast paced world. We want to slow it down and put the personal “farmers market” touch back into supporting local.

The issue’s we had to tackle was “How”? We set out to look into what was missing with big corporate e-commerce platforms and the issue was easy to see. There is no face behind the product you buy! you have know Idea where or who you’re buying your products from and where your products are coming from.

So we changed the way online shopping is done. At Stillhip you as a vendor can register and showcase your products. Customers have the ability to shop locally via Geo-location to the area they wish to shop. eg: from Ottawa if i wish to buy a gift for someone in B.C, I can search for local products and vendors in that area.

This it gives the customer the ability to truly shop local easily. The customer can now know who they are supporting. Some of the the benefits of this are as follows.

  1. Buy buying locally to the area you wish to have your product shipped has a direct impact on the environment.
  2. Buy buying local you the shipping time in most cases will be shortened, and in some cases be the same day.
  3. Buy supporting local vendors, we all know it has a direct impact to local communities and other charitable organisations.

So how much will this cost?

That is the next issue we had to tackle. We set out to be transparent and easy to use. If we want to be successful we have to be. No hidden or confusing rates or added hidden fees. This is another change from the other major e-commerce platforms. What we did is look at the biggest online market places and the confusing costs associated to selling on their platforms. So this is what it will cost you!

To build a shop on Stillhip and become a vendor costs nothing! You can upload all your products for free, with No hidden monthly fee’s

For each sale total there is a .99 cent maintenance fee this covers costs associated to hosting and running the site.

For each product there is a percentage commission depending on the category of the product your selling. See below for the percentages.

  • Appliances…10% commission
  • Automotive products…11% commission
  • Art products12% commission
  • Baby Products…10% commission
  • Books & Music Products…15%commission
  •  Clothing,Shoes, & Accessories…15% commission
  • Electronic Products…8% commission
  • Furniture and Decor…10% commission
  • Health & Beauty Products…10% commission
  • Holiday products….13% commission
  • Home and Garden Products…13% commission
  • Jewellery Products…15% commission
  • Kitchen and Bath…13% commission
  • Miscellaneous products…10% commission
  • Office Products…13% commission
  • Outdoor Living…13% commission
  • Sports and Recreation…13% commission

As you can see, It is easy for you as a vendor to calculate your costs to sell online with us. And with the costs of selling on other platforms you will quickly see that Stillhip is extremely competitive. We are here to help you and to help customers shop local. With out you this cannot happen. So feel free to reach out with suggestions and for help if need be.

Its time for us to all join together and grow this local community together, and make shopping local easy.