Shopping locally is the best way to help small businesses in Canada. When you shop with Stillhip, you are helping everyday Canadians put food on the table for their families. Now more than ever local shops need your business. 

Have a look at our blog on shopping locally to learn more.

All shipping fees are decided by the shop owner.

Yes, you can buy from anywhere in Canada.

You can reset your password by visiting the registration page and clicking “I lost my password” or by following this link.

All return policies are decided by the owner of the shop where you made your purchase.


When you sell your products with Stillhip, you can expect extremely competitive pricing without worrying about hidden monthly fees. We aim to make eCommerce simple by being as transparent as possible with our vendors.

Check out our blog on selling with Stillhip to learn more.

Stillhip enables local vendors to sell their products across Canada. Our geolocator allows customers to see the location of the shop they are buying from, so they know they are supporting a local business. This way, when a customer’s relative in another province has a birthday, they can order a gift from within their relative’s city and support the local economy. 

Stillhip only charges commission fees and a $0.99 maintenance fee for every purchase.

Here are our commission fees: 

8% Commission: Electronics 

10% Commission: Appliances, baby products, furniture and decor, health & beauty, miscellaneous 

11% Commission: Automotive 

12% Commission: Art 

13% Commission: Holiday, home and garden, kitchen and bath, office, outdoor living, sports and recreation

15% Commission: Books & music, clothing, shoes, & accessories

You only need to be located in Canada and possess valid government ID to be a vendor on Stillhip.

Visit our sign-up page to start the process, and check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Stillhip vendors are allowed to ship anywhere in Canada.

We offer our own Stillhip shipping label through Purolator, but you can also use your own shipping labels if you’d prefer.