How to Start Selling on Stillhip.

How to Start Selling on Stillhip.

Registering as a Vendor

Registering as a vendor on Stillhip, and adding a new product to your store is quick and easy.

This short article will help you quickly and easily become a vendor on Stillhip.

Once your on the main home page of Stillhip, you will see the banner below.


When the the red “become a vendor” button is clicked. it will bring you to the registration page. here is where you will fill out the required information to becoming a vendor.

See video below:

Once the your email has been verified you will be able to login directly to your account page  from your email account. This verification process may take several minutes while we confirm the information you provided is accurate to enable a security to our users.

The first time you log into your dashboard, you will be at your main account page.

  See image below:

There you will see a blue button that says “Go to Vendor Dashboard” when you click this button it will direct you to your Shop Dashboard where you can start customizing your shop. 

Below is a video on how to set up and customize your shop.

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Congratulations on becoming a Stillhip Vendor.

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